Monday, November 4, 2019

Clocks and DST

This is a Grandmother's clock that belonged to my dad's cousin. Her daughter did not want to ship it from Kansas to Washington so she gave it to me. Every year I have changed the time by turning the hands and waiting for the chime each fifteen minutes. I did not want to turn the hands backwards. I asked Lee if he thought I could just keep turning without stopping for each chime too ring on the quarter hours. He thought yes.

It worked until I had moved it ahead about three hours. Then the hands were frozen. I left it alone and went back later to find the pendulum had stopped. This happened about four more times. The last time I was able to move the hands. The good news is, the clock is keeping time. Bad news: no chiming at all. I must have stripped/broken something. I am not a happy person about my laziness.
This clock with the horses was given to us on our fiftieth wedding anniversary by our dear neighbors. So far I haven't ruined it. It has four batteries of two different sizes.

 This last clock is
one that was given to us by the realtor that sold us our house in 2007. It is not chiming anymore either.

Please stop daylight saving time to save my clocks from me tampering with them.


  1. We have a chime clock that hangs on the wall that we bought at the Amana Colonies in Iowa for our 15th anniversary. It has kept perfect time all of these years, chiming appropriately. We just stop the pedulum for and hour in the fall and advance the hands in the spring. It has worked great. But...for some reason last week it started skipping one chime per hour. You know, the bong, bong, bongs that it does on the hour. So instead of twelve chimes it does eleven and so on. We have no idea why. It's very frustrating.
    I hope you can figure yours out soon.

    1. That's what I meant to do - stop the pendulum but somehow I erred!

  2. I hate the time far nothing is broken except maybe my oven it went bonkers yesterday and lights flashed on and is 20 plus years old I suppose it is dying:(

    1. We have one burner that died on our stove that has probably been here since the house was built (1978) I guess we'll have to buy a new one. Fixing a burner would be no small amount and then another could go at any time!