Saturday, November 30, 2019

November -Where Did You Go?

Tomorrow is the first of December. I can hardly believe that this year is almost over. The months seems to go by more quickly than usual.

Maybe it's something I don't understand about the process of aging and the passage of time.

Too deep for me.

We had one errand yesterday. My advice. Don't even try to get there from here - or wherever you are.
We are in a small town but the traffic looked like the Big City.  We managed to make it back home with no incident but I am thankful we don't have that every day!


  1. And a new decade is beginning too! I agree about the passage of time. It seems to go more quickly all of the time.
    I also agree about the traffic. I left the house today for the first time since Tuesday. We went to Target with Mandy and Piper and it was truly insane. I can only imagine what it was like yesterday for Black Friday.
    I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.

    1. I read in the paper that sales are up over last year. What can these people be buying and where do they get all that money??

  2. Someone once told me that when we are young time drags by so slowly because we has less memories. As we age we collect all those memories and that is why time flies by:) I feel the same way...seems like I get up do a few things and soon it is time for supper:)

    1. Isn't that the truth? Some days I feel like all I do is fix meals!