Wednesday, July 24, 2019


I went to bed early last night and woke up early. However, I didn't get up and went back to sleep for two more hours. I know I had more than eight hours for a change.

We are still having wonderful weather for July but it is going to come to an end soon. Lee has been able to trim some vines on the house He is having more and more trouble walking, even with a cane.
But at least he keeps moving.

Speaking of which, I bought a cane I saw on the internet. It has segments that let you fold it up. It can stand on its own. Since I liked the idea of something unusual, it has a light and an alarm  on it. At night I can see and scare off any criminal.  (Like I'm ever out at night.) I do feel more secure walking. Ever since I took the physical therapy, I have felt more unsteady. I am  still doing the exercises at home since May 31st when therapy ended. It couldn't be the change is because I'm getting older every day and that has been sixty days!


  1. Everyone tells me that I'm not that old, (I'm 59), but I'm unsteady on my feet too. And they really, really hurt. I'm sure I have arthritis in them. I used a cane for a short while but my kids hated it so I stopped. Some days are fine and some are not so good. Oh well.
    I'm glad you found such a unique cane that will help you out of all kinds of circumstances.

  2. Like Betsy, my feet ache all the time... doctor told me years ago I have arthritis in them (and my ankles, and knees, etc.). Sure is tiring trying to find good shoes that are inexpensive but good for my feet. My husband uses a cane, but I don't... the grandkids sure love playing with his cane lol. Blessings to you! ♥

  3. My parents are always loosing their Mom uses two or a walker, my Dad just one. :) Well you are prepared!! :)