Wednesday, July 17, 2019


There was a lot of stuff we needed from the grocery store and very little of it was food.
Kansas has sales tax on food. I don't know how many states do not but I know of two - Oregon and New Jersey.

I spent ninety dollars and the tax was eight dollars. I wonder where those states without tax on food get all their finances to run the state. We need to have it now to get us out of the hole we were in for a few years when the legislature cut taxes and about ruined us.

So maybe some day we'll have enough in the treasury to remove the tax on food.


  1. Tax on food! In PA we don't pay tax on food or clothes. Guess we're one of the lucky states?

  2. We don't have tax on food in Washington State, neither does Idaho. I'm pretty sure Nebraska and Iowa don't have it on food either but I'm not 100% postive. Montana and Oregon have NO sales tax on anything. When Mandy lived in Oregon, we waited to buy household items like sheets, towels, etc., until we visited. That can be a huge savings. Things like cars, boats, etc., that have to be licensed get charged our sales tax when we license them, so it doesn't make sense to buy those elsewhere.

  3. We have no sales tax on food here in Minnesota. We have a horrible gasoline tax and likely very high property taxes.