Saturday, July 20, 2019

Big Purchase

A few days ago when it was still cool enough to get outside, I was loose in Walmart. I went there for yarn. I hope I got enough because if I didn't, I'll go back later and they won't have at least one of the colors I picked.

For a long time I have looked at my cooking utensils. They were originally black but after putting them in the dishwasher, they had ugly gray places all over them. I decided to splurge and went to the kitchen aisle. This group had everything I wanted, the price was right so I grabbed them.

After I got home and remove the label, I discovered they had metal handles. Great. Will the heat travel up the steel/metal or whatever it is?   I washed them by hand (!) and remembered that a long time ago I had made a pot holder that was made to fit on the handle of a pot. Amazingly I found it - in the pot holder drawer. It resembles a hat from Mexico with a tall, tall, crown.
So now I figure I'm covered. Or the handles are if I remember to use it.


  1. I like your new utensils. When we got married over 40 years ago, we recieved some spoons and slotted spoons that have the plastic/rubber spoon and upper handle. The middle part of the handle is metal so the spoons don't bend at all. I love them but they are in BAD shape and need replaced. I look every time I go shopping but can't find any like them.
    I think that your handle cover will work perfectly for your new utensils.

  2. I've always had kitchen utensils that were/are all metal handles... never had a one where the heat traveled up the handles. Hopefully yours won't either. Love the red color! ♥

  3. Love the red! Give them a try and see what happens! :)