Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Short Term Memory Loss

I was talking to my sister-in-law in New Jersey on the messenger part of Facebook.
Neither one of us could remember what I had written for the blog today.

There was a good reason. I hadn't posted anything yet.

We still have coolness. I went to Harbor Freight to buy one of those long handled deals that help you reach stuff on high shelves and change light bulbs. We had seen an ad in a flyer for one on sale for two dollars!  They were in the back of the store and when I paid at the cash register, I asked about the sale. She mentioned a coupon. I said, no,that I didn't have one. So I paid the huge charge of $3.26.

When I got home, I looked up the ad. Sure enough. The ad was on a whole page of items and each one had a dotted line around it and it was a COUPON.

Neither Lee and I are very observant. Lee was the one who had seen it first so I'll blame him.


  1. Harbor Freight has some awesome deals but it's hard to remember when you have to have a coupon and when you don't. It seems like it changes each time I buy something. I'm glad you got the picker thing anyway.

  2. I'm really surprised that the clerk didn't just reach over to the stack of coupon ads and scan it in for you. That's what they've always done for us. I got Jerry's fishing chair at Harbor Freight, he loves it. Now I want one!

    1. The clerk did look under the counter but said they didn't have any there!