Monday, April 4, 2011

what we used to call "Doctor Day"

When I worked in Dodge City at a Montgomery Ward store, there was one employee who had to take off once a month to take her mother to the doctor.  We called it "Doctor Day."

Now that I have reached a certan age, I understand this term.

Let's see:  45 minutes at the lab, EKG and X-ray area. I thought that was really efficient!  Next, a one hour wait and 15 minutes with the physician. Home for lunch and 45 minutes later back to the other medical facility for three hours 45 minutes for an IVIG. 

These visits involved two receptionists, one phlebotomist, four nurses and one physician.  Every one of these people was pleasant, cheerful and doing his/her job with what appeared to be joy,  I think this is remarkable.

So, not a day to look forward to with anticipation; but not a day to dread. 

And, I even had time between the lab, x-ray and EKG  to go to coffee with friends for an hour!


  1. I am so grateful I do not go to the doctor unless I'm actually sick. What a waste of valuable time!

  2. Yes, you are blessed! They seem to think I need to see them to keep me going - or maybe it's to keep them going!

  3. It probably is to keep them going. Sometimes I think that's why they want to keep us going in to "check us" when we get older. They know Medicare will pay.