Monday, April 25, 2011


Another quiet day. Turkey breast, creamed peas and baked potatoes were some items on the main course for dinner. We don't usually eat that high on the hog on a week day but L. was afraid the frozen turkey item was spending too much time in the freezer. The label actually said it was good  until May of 2012. It was very tasty and will make some good sandwiches later in the week.

Before I was married I used to wonder how "housewives" decided what to have for meals day after day. I am still wondering. I think smart people have a plan and a menu for a week or more ahead. I think it's more exciting just to find what is on the shelf and in the fridge and make it up each day.

I'm not sure L. is pleased with this method.

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  1. When I was cooking (and I seldom do anymore since Bob is gone) I planned my meals a week at a time and then bought my groceries accordingly. It saved a lot of money as well as not always having to wonder what to serve next each day.