Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tree Trimming - again

This time our branches were too close to the power lines so the local company hires a tree trimming service to remove them. No charge to us. They told us Tuesday they would be here that afternoon or Wednesday.
This morning (Thursday) the doorbell rang before we were fully awake - we needed to be forewarned so the gate could be unlocked and the puppy corraled. (one L or two?)

Two hours later they are all finished with everything cleaned up except for three logs that might have been too big for the chipping machine. We didn't lose any limbs during the high winds and I hope this will prevent future loss. Nice to have stuff done for free!
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  1. Yes, it was. I hope they did a good job and did not simply butcher your tree.

  2. They left a glossy pamphlet explaining the trimming crews are highly trained and the National Arborist Association in New Hampshire has approved the company. Makes you want to trust them, anyway!