Friday, April 29, 2011

An Important Date

You may think I'm mentioning this date because of the royal wedding. No.
I decided I was not going to watch any of the coverage leading up to the event - can you say over-saturated television?

And I sure wasn't going to wake up at four in the morning to see it live! Well, about  4:45 I woke up. Someone had left the television on and behold! There was Kate getting into the car to take her to the church on time. So since I was awake anyway, I watched. Beautiful dress and long ceremony. I hadn't planned to see it (there are always reruns) but it was spectacular.

However, the importance of this date is that fifty-nine years ago I had my first and last blind date. Three and a half months later, we had our own unspectacular wedding at the minister's home.

And they said it wouldn't last.

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