Monday, April 18, 2011

A Follow-Up

Since I mentioned the incident of the stove and older son yesterday, I think I should explain. At age two or three, all kids have to be watched. Our older one was fascinated by the stove (after all, those delicious meals came from the top of that appliance!)  M. would reach up and try to feel the top. I would keep all the pot handles turned toward the back and tell him, "That is HOT."

It went on for quite sometime. I finally decided to turn on the electric coil burner just so it was barely warm. Then I placed my hand and his hand on the edge and immediately withdrew them.  I explained that was what HOT meant. He had no burn or blister (neither did I) but I know he remembers it because he has taunted me with it many times.

About this time I had a new sewing machine with zig-zag capabilites so I made hot pads and put the boys' handprints and names on them. As you can see by the photo, there was a flame of some sort applied to this hot pad.   M. thinks it's so interesting that it was on the one with his name on it and not on his brother's. I think there may have been a little intentional burning on that fabric. And not by me.


  1. Hi Mary Lou,
    Thanks for stopping at my blog. You are more than welcome to copy the picture and send it to your friend.
    I enjoyed the story of your son here. I did the same with my oldest daughter. I knew if I didn't show her, she would end up with a burn!