Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Second pair - same outcome

Our lovable little great granddog loves to chew things - as do all puppies. One must train oneself to maintain a site that is free of chewable objects.

The bedside table is not one of those areas. The first time we had a spare pair and just used the tiny screw driver to attach the extra ear pieces. This time it took a trip to the big W eye shop. They replaced the plastic end pieces. They look like new and no charge. We found this amazing.

From now on a drawer will be where the glasses are placed at bedtime.
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  1. If Mork gets to be too much, let us know and we can bring him back to Texas.

    Grillin' a tasty hotdog Texas-style sounds good, huh?

  2. NO! Maybe a bratwurst but not a brat dog....and he's not really a brat.