Friday, April 22, 2011

Mork "downtown"

Our town has an event they call Third Thursday. Crowds gather around musicians, stores stay open, artwork is on display, new restaurants open. . .
We decided it would be a good time to socialize our visiting great granddog. We're not too sure how he reacts around strangers.
We arrived early. Too early it appears. There were no people, one musician testing sound equipment and a cold south wind. We took a one block walk north and returned the one block south to the car and came home. For goodness sakes, this IS April!
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  1. Most amazing picture of Mork EVER!! :) I'm sorry you guys missed out on the downtown Hutch festivities and for missing your Skype call earlier this afternoon :( I will try and give you a call tomorrow but I have work from 1-7 so maybe after that! Love you guys :)