Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Today was the day. Every eight weeks I get an IV at the infusion lab in the local hospital.

Today I walked up to the registration desk. She asked my name and then stood and invited me to follow her about fifteen steps to a desk in a cubicle. There a nice young lady looked at my medical cards and had me sign the electronic signature machine, put on an armband on my arm and that was it.

Sometimes they tell me to have a seat and then a person from a cubicle comes and gets me. Several times the lady at the registration desk has done the whole deal right there at the desk, arm band and all.  Other times, they have pointed the way to the where the "checker-inners" are seated.

Formerly they asked questions about black lung and if I was participating in any government studies on health issues. Other questions about traveling outside the country were asked. But not today.

Each time it is a new experience. I can hardly believe they change their protocol every eight weeks. Maybe each employee just does what they want to do that day.

Anyway, I got my paper work and went to the fifth floor. Thank goodness for elevators. I barely made it across the parking lot and it was not that hot today. (87) Back to the nineties tomorrow.

P.S.  I forgot the most embarrassing thing I did. The registration lady asked how she could help me and I told her I was there for an invasion on fifth floor. I corrected it.  I think I watch too much news.


  1. Oh my! I chuckled out loud at your last paragraph! Invasion indeed. :-)
    They ask me if I've been out of the country everytime I visit the cardiologist's office. A few months ago I had to go to their office three days in a row for various yearly tests regarding my pacemaker. On the second and third days I just answered, "not since yesterday!" She looked at me like I had three heads. Then I reminded her that I was there both of the previous days and hadn't jetted off anywhere in between.
    Now granted, it IS only 90 miles or so to Canada, but on two lane highways it would take most of both days to make the trip so quickly. Ha!
    Hope all went well with you and you're safely home in the cool air.

    1. I like your answer. Perhaps it brought a smile to her day!

  2. I have wondered the same thing as you know we check in every week a couple of times. I think they might know us so they just skip some questions...the new people always ask everything:) Glad you had an infusion and not an invasion:)

  3. Hahahahahaha! I know two of the girls that work in the infusion department at the hospital. One is a leader (as I am) in the American Heritage Girls troop... she probably would have been surprised at an invasion. Or maybe not. Ha! :D