Wednesday, August 7, 2019


Don't you like it when things just work out?  It does happen sometimes for me. The  one that repeats most often is the speed limits. We have two limits in our town - 30 and 35 mph. The only other one is when school lets out and it's 20 mph.

When I am driving and look down at the speedometer and see that I am exactly on what I should be on, I think, how lucky! Most traffic here stays within the right speed but of course there is always one who speeds on by.

The other thing that happened recently is that we went to buy one loaded potato at the barbecue spot. (We split it - they are huge.)
I called it in. That way we won't have to sit and wait in the hot car. (A/C is not working.) The order was one loaded potato with double beef. So we drove to the window behind another car and had to wait anyway. I didn't remember the exact cost so I grabbed a ten dollar bill, three quarters and a dime.  She told me the price was $10.84. I got a penny change. How close could I get? (I thought the price was a little higher than usual!)

So we got home and opened the extra heavy sack. There were two boxes, each with a huge potato but no extra beef! I thought I heard her say that next time it might be a little more because they didn't double the beef.


  1. Those baked potatoes look wonderful, even without the extra beef. I love baked potatoes with all of the goodies on it. I am sorry they didn't get your order right though, that's always a bit frustrating.

  2. Looks like a meal to me! Hope it was good:)