Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cleaning Day for Carpets

We had the carpets cleaned today. Last time it was in February, very cold and I stayed in the house during the cleaning. Even though the "soap" they use has a very pleasant smell, it is overwhelming. It made my breathing worse and I ended up in the hospital.

So today I planned to stay out on our screened in porch with Lee and the dogs. Part of that didn't work out. Lee stayed in the one room that was not being cleaned. I did stay out on the porch. Thankfully it was not a 100 degree day with the feel-like temperature of 107! It had rained last night and was 70 cool degrees with a breeze.  How lucky can you get?

To avoid more coffee spills, I'm using the sippy cup/glass that was a souvenir from the hospital event celebrating all the people who have been born there. I think I was the second oldest there. One person was 92.

Anyway, I guess we start out clumsily with a sippy cup and when we get old(er) we end up using one for coffee, just in case.


  1. I'm glad the carpet cleaning worked well for you today and it was cooler. We've had a string of 100F days but it's supposed to be markedly cooler starting tomorrow. Hopefully it will help with the fires too as a couple more started today.
    You asked about the yarn in my baby blanket. It definitely IS a variegated yarn. No way would I have the patience to change colors that often. I'm using Lion Brand Ice Cream Scoop in the Blueberry colorway.

    1. It certainly is beautiful with the variegated.

  2. Hope you do okay with the carpet cleaning this time! 100 wow I would melt:(