Saturday, August 10, 2019

Fast Service

On August 8th we discussed ordering an item listed on Amazon. The literature said it would be delivered by the 10th. Finally, I checked it and decided to order. The price had gone up over $15 since morning. Forget that!
The next morning, the 9th, I checked it again after deciding it was still a good deal. The price was back down to the original amount. I ordered! My final account page showed the original $65.
It also stated it would be delivered by Sunday, August 11th.

On a Sunday?

Today, Saturday, the 10th, Fed Ex dropped off the box. They didn't ring the bell but the dogs notified us that something was here. I went back and checked the tracking page....Fort Worth yesterday to Edmond OK, to Wichita this morning at 7:15.


P.S. I would rather buy locally but the few places we have here that carry this item, did not have this model. Only Goddard and Newton were listed as having them in stock.


  1. We ordered from Amazon two weeks ago and tracking showed it would be delivered on Monday. It was also delivered on Sunday. No doorbell ring or anything either. That kind of annoys me because so many boxes disappear after delivery in our city. Maybe if people knew they were on the porch they would get them?!
    I also prefer to buy locally but many times the only place I can find certain items unfortunately is Amazon.

  2. We are in the same boat, lots of stuff has to be ordered online.:)