Friday, August 2, 2019

It's Friday

The days just seem to roll by and so I missed another day of blogging.

We are having a wonderful relief from the heat today. Only about 80. We were out for a short time to run an errand.

The dog is on a diet. What we thought was a fatty tumor was just fat. Actually there was one  on  each side which I still don't see but the vet says so. Love handles he called them. New rules: No people food and 1/4 cup of dry food twice a day. This is killing Lee because whatever he ate, the dogs ate. Only the female kept gaining weight. Thirty-three pounds on a small dog is too much.  Vet
said he could take her for two weeks for diet camp and she would lose the weight. So much to my other half's dismay, we are doing it ourselves. We have to shut them out of the room where we eat. They didn't sit and look at me. They knew they weren't getting anything from me and it didn't bother me at all. Others have a more tender personality.

Just call me Hard Hearted Hannah.

The photo is when they were rescue puppies. Jill is tan and Jack is black. The picture is very deceiving because Jill is the bully and poor Jack is intimidated daily. They had been in a kennel together so we thought they would get along. We got them on Halloween, 2011. Black and orange pets were half price! Mostly they do get along (ignore each other) but once in a while Jill will block Jack's path to the doggie door or snap at him for no reason. They do keep us company.


  1. I understand the soft heart. I have a terrible time ignoring our Chloe's sad eyes when she begs for a bite. Usually I do well but she loves pizza crust! I always give her the last bite. She's lost weight because of all the walking we do in the summertime so I'm not too worried.
    I feel bad for Jack. He sounds like a sweet dog. I guess there is always a leader of the pack though isn't there?
    Tell your husband to hang in there! :-)

    1. Jack is a sweet dog. Some might say he's a wimp but I say he is just cautious. When she "attacks" he stands up to her and doesn't flee!

  2. It will be harder on Lee than the dog. Hope poor Jill adjusts to the new feeding or non feeding schedule:)

    1. You are right. Last night he was feeding her the dry dog food from his hand...