Friday, August 16, 2019


It started out normally. This day after our anniversary.....

I came out of the bathroom, shut the door and there was this loud "explosion" sound.  I thought something had fallen in the bathroom or the toilet had exploded. I looked at the clock - 7:57.

Lee thought a car had hit the house. What it was, was an earthquake. We've had few but some were very slight. This was a 4.2. Luckily, no pictures fell or wine bottles (we didn't have any of those here) and in the garage only a tube from the yard blower had rolled across the floor. Businesses and some homes had minor damage. For a while they blamed the frequency of the quakes on fracking. However, there is a fault near here. The earliest earthquake recorded in Kansas was in 1867!

Later in the day Lee asked me to close the garage door. I did but didn't have the door into the house completely closed. Jill got out. Lee got ballistic. I called the dog. It's like talking to a brick. We did not train these dogs and they are the first ones we've had that did not come when we called.

I got in the car and Lee started following her up the street in his Jazzy. Finally she started back toward the house, seemed to be tired and we got her up on the chair. Not a fun experience.

Later:  Yesterday I made a peach cobbler. The picture didn't look so good. It kind of sank but it tasted ok.  There is still some left. And now guess who wants apple pie. Krogers/Dillons, here I come. No more baking for me this week.


  1. Well thats exciting an earthquake...I don't think I would like it at all. No fun chasing after dogs that won't come when called...glad all is okay:)

  2. An earthquake in Kansas. Who would have thought? I guess I remotely remember hearing about a faultline when I was younger but I don't remember ever having one.
    I've experienced some doozies in Japan. Exciting but scary too.
    Glad all ended well both with no damage to your home and getting the dog back safely. An altogether exciting day for sure.