Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Traffic - where are the polizei?

On a short errand we saw two pick-up trucks in two different locations turn left when the green arrow was not on for the left turn lane. Luckily, no one was approaching so there was no collision.

The next strange maneuver was executed by a car ahead of me in a left turn lane. When the green left turn arrow came on, he glided to the right and went straight ahead, getting a head start on the cars stopped in the lane that was meant to go straight!

Very strange drivers loose on the street.  And next month is the state fair. We may hibernate.


  1. Ugh. State Fair week traffic. I agree... hibernation might be a good thing. Or at least stay far, far away from the streets around there. Ha!

  2. I think people have forgotten most of what they learned in drivers ed. We see people doing these kinds of things almost everyday and it's terrifying isn't it?

    To answer your question about the "Which Way Filet" blanket. You just keep going round and round, repeating the same two rows over and over until it's the size you want. I still have to figure out a border for it.

    I hope that helps. :-) I hope you have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks for that explanation. I thought I might have seen a photo of a large version but I wasn't sure. I watched the video. I think I'd have to have it playing while I did the whole thing!

  3. We have a new law no cell phone touching...yet I still see them holding their phones and talking. There are many idiots among us:(