Thursday, August 15, 2019


Since a nice blogger (CH) sent me scrubbies, I have shamelessly copied them and had six completed. She mentioned that she had given some to nurses so since I was going to see some nurses, I took the six with me to IVIG.

Three were on duty and the room was full with almost every chair taken. After it had cleared out somewhat, I asked one of the nurses how many were there today. Three but one came and relieved Christine to have lunch. So I gave each of the four a red scrubbie.

Later, the mother of one of the teenage patients went out and bought cherry limeades for everybody!
When I could get her attention, I gave her one. Her favorite color is red and she is going to hang it on her Christmas tree.

I had one left. In came one of the nurses who was off to have a baby. She had the baby with her so we all loved seeing him. Six weeks old. In four weeks she has to come back to work. She got the last scrubby.

Now, I wish I could find the yarn with the sparkles in it. They are so much more - well, sparkly!


  1. How wonderful! I know they appreciated your thoughtfulness. I have often passed out dishcloths to nurses when I had various tests done...and they remember me the next time I come in. They have actually purchased some from me for gifts for others.

  2. I can get sparkly at a local Hometown Crafts which used to be Ben F and at Hobby Lobby. Walmart used to carry the scrubby yarn but hasn't in sparkly at that store.
    Did I tell you about the nurse that got a parking ticket that morning and I gave her a scrubby and she said it made her day. I think it is great fun to spread scrubbies around!

  3. I'll check Hobby Lobby. Walmart had the plain.