Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Weird Things

Some days are stranger than others.

Today Lee had an appointment at the clinic at 10:45. We were home all morning and received no phone calls. When we arrived to check in, the receptionist said they had been trying to call us this morning, The doctor is sick today. We need to reschedule.  O.k. We were home all morning and neither phone rang. I asked her which phone she called and she gave me the cell number. I wish I had looked at the phone then to see when the call was made that we missed.

But I did not. Suddenly the phone rang. I looked at the number and did not recognize it so did not answer while I was talking with her.

I wish I had.

It was 10:37. After we got home, I returned that call. Guess what. It was the from receptionist desk of the doctor where I was standing.

I wonder if they thought I wouldn't notice the time the call was made - 10:37.

I sure wish I had answered it!  There were no other calls received on either phone this morning. Anybody can make a mistake, but don't try to fool an old person. We can usually figure things out if we're given enough time.


  1. I wish you had answered it too and let the receptionsist hear the message:)

  2. Well, I hate to answer if I don't recognize the number because it is all robo stuff and when I answer I get 10 times more! Can't win.

    1. Same here. And our house phone is still out of service from the rain.