Tuesday, August 14, 2018


There is not much going on today. It's cloudy, cooler and a few sprinkles have fallen.

I cannot Skype with my sister-in-law. She has a temporary hearing loss. I hope it's ok by tomorrow!

I have a slight (?) hearing loss. If people don't speak up - and I don't mean shout - I have trouble hearing them. My husband told me the other day that he read that people who are hard of hearing tend to blame others...that's it THEIR fault that the listener (me) can't hear.

I'll accept that. However, why is it that from the other end of the hall I can hear him talk to the dogs and understand every word and when he talks to me, I cannot hear what he is saying? (I told him to pretend I was one of the dogs.)

Answer? It's because he mumbles and barely speaks above a whisper. I do notice that with a group around (very seldom happens here) I have trouble making out what is going on. Some folks speak very rapidly.  I should get my hearing checked and then I could see how much loss I do have. I need one of those old time ear horns. My ears are evidently no large enough to trap vocal sounds. Putting a hand behind the ear, as you see in old movies, does actually help.

So, JRC, I miss Skyping. Hope you are better tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes I think men whisper on purpose. I like my husband to speak clearly and look my way when he talks:)

  2. Larry mumbles and I say what? or just think it probably does not matter what he said! Sometimes I nod my head...ha I have hearing loss from being in a noisy environment for all my working years.

    1. Mine may be from wearing a headset for a long time. Or it could just be years....