Thursday, August 9, 2018


Lee decided he wanted to split a milk shake. So off we went to Bogey's. Before we got there, he changed his mind. "Let's get two small ones."  O.K.  Small chocolate and the special, Fudge Stripe - for a limited time.

Mine had a doughnut shaped chocolate striped cookie on top. The total bill? $7.72. It seems the extra cookies (more throughout the shake) were an extra ninety cents. L' s - $3.09 and mine was $3.99. Sixty four cents sales tax. They were delicious.

The sad thing about living this long is you can remember when a milk shake was made in a large metal container, served in a glass with the remainder in the steel cup served along side to refill your glass and it was twenty-five cents plus one cent sales tax. (Two cents kicked in at about at about a sixty-four cent purchase.)

Time do march on.

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  1. We still have a soda shop that serves it that way, I think it is about $4 I love the coldness in the summer and the malt slopping out of the cold canister :)