Friday, August 17, 2018

Tiring Trip

This morning started out with a trip to the vet's at 7:30. One of our dogs has not been trained to walk on a leash. The harness we have is very complicated and trying  to get it on a wriggling dog is not easy.

We finally made it. The doctor does not arrive until eight.  The receptionist was not friendly and never made eye contact with Lee or me. She did take care of the problem.

Not a good start to the day!  It wore me out to the point that I came back home, went back to bed and slept until noon. We had been up the night before until midnight trying to solve our problem will Jill with no success.

Poor Jack stayed at home and while I am trying not to put human feelings on a pet, he looked very alert as we were going out the door without him. I imagine he wanted to go where we were going but one thirty pound dog is almost more than we can handle! Jack is only about twenty pounds.


  1. Good to see your reply that Jill is okay:) It is hard when our pets are sick. Doesn't sound like a real friendly receptionist:(