Sunday, August 26, 2018


Early this morning we had to go to Orscheln's Farm Store for large (40 gallon) black garbage bags. We needed them to put branches in.

There was a big pile of limbs on the yard near our neighbor's drive-way. They were maple limbs so Lee figured they came out of our trees. The neighbor has maple trees too so who knows where they came from? They were piled up very neatly.

We came home with the bags, got the giant trash can, clippers and headed out with the Jazzy to the side walk. After we had cut up limbs, twigs and leaves, our nice neighbor came out and said she had someone coming to pick up the limbs this week!  They were from her trees and she had dragged them out and piled them up.

Lee used his new loppers and cut up all the smaller ones. The big ones are left to be picked up. We filled two of the black bags. A good work out while it was still cloudy and cool. She really thanked us for an unnecessary job!!

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