Thursday, May 30, 2019


I needed some more yarn for a project (afghan - what else?) So off we went to the big W store.

No grenadine so I found another pinkish color skein and decided it was close enough. I had a sample piece of turquoise yarn and I bought Jade because that is what I thought it was called.

Wrong shade of green/blue.

So after working the pink-like papaya into the piece, it now looks orange.

My color palette is shot. I started on the left with the dark blue, grenadine, buff (ecru), turquoise, white etc. On the right edge moving to the left is jade, buff and papaya.  Very scrapy - or crappy.


  1. I think scrappy blankets are some of the best. Your colors look great! I say "keep on crocheting"! :-)

  2. I like multi colors will be great!

  3. I love the varied colors! Sometimes the best things are made up of bits of this and that! How funny I ran across your blog several days ago and we live in the same town! Well, basically... I'm in South Hutch! And you look so familiar... who knows. But I did run across your mention of someone I do know in one of your posts - Jan Bretz! What a small world, huh! I'll continue reading your posts - I started at the very beginning. I love your sense of humor - you remind me of me! Haha! Blessings to you and Lee! Glad to meet you!

    1. I just saw Jan last week at the Hutch Clinic. So nice to see her. Hope you are keeping dry.