Monday, March 12, 2018

Visit to the Clinic

Some days are just about the same as other days.

But today we had an appointment with our family doctor. Lab at 9:30 and meet the doc at 10:30.
Since we live so close by, we decided to come back home for the hour.

That worked out just fine. (Someone is so worried the dogs are going to get out despite the fact we have a wonderful fence replacing the downed section.) All tests checked out o.k. Same complaints and same answers.

A phone message tells me that I will be getting an email from the insurance company with the amount they will allow for the storm damage. That was at 9:30 this morning.  So far (4:40 p.m.) no email.

We'll see what they offer.

A large package arrived by mail. Very heavy. Luckily we have some of those sliders to move furniture so we were able to glide it into the dining room. I think I am going to need help setting it up.

Oh. It's a new laser printer!


  1. When you spoke of the pkg I was a little concerned as I just watched news about all those bombs being left on porches!!

    1. I know! This was delivered by our delightful new mail person - who offered to bring it inside! She is a strong woman and delivers mail before noon instead of about 3:00 p.m. They must have rerouted the route.