Friday, March 23, 2018

Early Birthday Dinner

We traveled to a favorite restaurant where we hadn't eaten a meal since last year. They send me a card to celebrate my date of birth - a free meal with the purchase of another meal. A nice gesture and a nice trip "out."

Who knew that when you order a baked potato the waitress will ask if you want it loaded? Sure. Who wants only butter on a baked spud?

Imagine my surprise when I saw on the bill an extra charge for sour cream, grated cheese and bacon bits. The six items all came in cute little metal containers, ready for us to pile them on ourselves.

They weren't that cute.


  1. I like mine with just butter! It was nice that you got out to celebrate! Happy Birthday! I wonder how far this new snow storm will go...might get chilly there:)

  2. I don't have a guess in on your snow stick. I can't imagine having that much snow for so long. Here we used to have big storms with lots of snow but there were breaks inbetween!