Monday, December 16, 2019


Last night I couldn't find my cell phone. This happens from time to time - but not EVERY day.

No luck. So I decided to call it from the house phone that is a bundle with out internet and cable tv. The phone in the bedroom gave me the message, "Too far from the base." So went to the base. No light. Dead. Went to the phone in the kitchen. Dead. Hmmm.

I have never liked the phone service. Every time it rains, we lose the service and hear only static.  If it didn't cost more money per month, I would cancel it. That is not good public relations for a business, in my opinion. The company brags about saving you money but that is not their main concern.

Back to the lost  phone. No way to call it from the house phone. Luckily, Lee has a cell phone that he seldom uses. We called the number and could hear it ringing in the bedroom. There it was hidden in the blanket on the bed!

Now to see why the house phone was not working. I checked the base and guess what! It was unplugged!

I'm thinking someone needed to charge their cell phone.


  1. We also have a house phone that is only used by telemarkers! We have TV, Internet and Phone all bundled together and it's much cheaper than just having Internet only or Internet and TV. I should just unplug it, that way at least the telemarketers wouldn't be able to get through. :-)
    Glad you finally found your phone!

  2. Ours is a bundle too phone, tv and Internet. I have a small "purse" for my cell phone, it has a strap and a spot for credit cards and a zipper area for cash. I wear it under my coat. So my phone is usually in it or charging...I don't use it very much :)