Thursday, December 19, 2019


Today was the one day of the year that I go sit in a small glass box and breathe till I feel like I have no breath left. The first request is to breathe normally. How do you do that with a four inch mouth piece between your lips and your front teeth?

Then it's deep breath and blow it out as fast and as hard as you can.

Next comes breathe in and out as fast as you can (after breathing normally for a few minutes.)

In between these exercises there are rest periods to recover from possible dizziness.

Then comes a quick inhaling of a medication. Wait some more and then do it all again. I may have left out some steps. This takes about forty-five minutes. It was nice to have a pleasant technician. All of them in this department have been so nice every time I have done this routine!

Later that morning, the results were reported. No worse than last year. Good news.

And then, home for lunch and a nap.  It's tiring to do breathing exercises.


  1. Good to hear your results are the same as last year. I have never had a test but Far Guy has them every three months.

  2. I'm glad nothing has changed for you. That's good isn't it? It does sound exhausting. Get some rest my friend.