Thursday, December 26, 2019

Paper Delay

On Christmas morning I checked the porch for our local paper. No delivery. I waited to call our carrier until afternoon. The last time we didn't get one, I called her about 10:00 a.m.  She had just received the papers from the truck!

So this time I called and she was so surprised we didn't have one. The rule now is that they have to put them on the porch. We even searched off the porch. She said she'd bring one by. I told her not to make a special trip. They live quite a way from our neighborhood. "Just bring it tomorrow with Thursday's."  She said they would.

This morning Lee got the paper. I usually do. There was only one paper with a rubber band around it. I said that I thought it would be a miracle if they remembered. He opened it up and behold! Both Wednesday and Thursday papers were there.

I don't call the news office because if they get complaints, it's not good for the carrier. When our oldest was thirteen, he got his first job delivering the same local paper. Then you didn't have to put it on the porch but you did have to collect door to door. That was the "not fun" part. Luckily he got the route that was our neighborhood so he could ride his bike with the big bag of papers hanging on the handle bars. When it was really cold or rainy we lowered the back door on the Buick station wagon and he threw them from there. His dad and I spent a lot of time on the living room floor helping him fold and bag papers when the weather was wet.

I don't remember how long he did this but when he quit, the younger guy got the job. Several times they missed the porch or hit a roof. Then it was another trip for them to get another paper delivered. It gave them some spending money and I'm glad they did it. I'm not sure what they think of the whole experience but they've been working ever since.


  1. My husband Dennis had a newspaper route when he was in his early teens too. He has always said that the worst part was the collections. Even worse than getting up at 4:00 on weekends. He is glad he did it though as it taught him a great work ethic and started him on his working life that still continues.
    I too, am impressed that the carrier remembered both of your papers.

    1. I think our sons thought the collection was the worst part too.

  2. Collections had to be the worst part! But yes good work ethic for sure!