Sunday, December 29, 2019


I have thought that our newspaper was smaller in width. Yesterday I was looking for an old photo of red wood trees in California. I haven't found it yet but I did find this newspaper from 1979. The whiter sports page above is our current size paper. it is eleven inches wide. The one below is fifteen inches wide. This is such a silly thing to remember but when I was a kid, I couldn't open the paper and hold both sides. I had to put it on the floor and read it that way. Naturally it was the comics: Dick Tracy,  Maggie and Jiggs and the Katznjammer Kids. Maybe Tarzan the Buck Rogers?

By the way, the photo that I saved is my dad, Dewey Russell Brown painting his fence at the age of eighty one.

The caption below reads: "September Dry Spell continues which made perfect weather for painting a fence. Dewey Brown, 1601 N. Monroe, was busy Tuesday scraping old pint off his fence. The dry spell was forecast to continue through the week, which may be good news for Dewey but bad news for those who would like to see the dust settled down and the lawns watered with a good rain."

It feels like a human interest story told with kindness and interest in a hometown newspaper.


  1. I miss those old hometown newspaper stories of my childhood. It seems there is nothing good in any news today so I find myself avoiding it.
    I'm glad you have that article about your Dad. Memories are precious things.

  2. Newsy newspaper all about locals I miss that!

  3. It took me a minute to remember where that fence was in the yard. Wonder if its still there...