Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Stuffed Pepper Soup

Today it's cool - er and some showers. Thank goodness we are not having the excess water that has hit Pratt and Manhattan.

I saw a recipe for soup with all the ingredients for stuffed peppers. They said it was easier.

It was like making any soup with a lot of cutting up of giant red and green peppers. I thought it was delicious. My husband said it was ok but it wasn't hot enough. Usually he complains something is too hot so I had it on simmer on the stove.

Evidently simmer isn't quite hot enough.


  1. I like my soups extra hot also! peppers give me indigestion most of the time...I can handle them in salsa that is about it. I saw the news footage of Manhattan KS and it looked scary. Glad you were spared the flooding.

  2. Give Dad some cool gazpacho:)