Monday, September 17, 2018


This morning was all errands - a yearly trip to the dermatologist with a freezing of a skin tag on my neck. Lee says that really burns. The doctor says, "She's tough. She didn't even flinch."  I didn't feel any burning so I said that maybe my nerve endings are dead.

A trip to our frequent place, the pharmacy, to pick up two refills.

A trip to Walmart for more yarn and sweet tea. I know, it's not good but neither is Coke!

Then a stop to get my hair cut at the drop in place - cheap too. You can sign in on line but they changed the format and I can't get it to work for me. It won't accept my password so I guess I'll have to start over. They gave me a card with instructions. Duh. Now I'll have two accounts there.

Home for lunch with a Sub sandwich. After all that, a nap.

And this afternoon it hit 90 degrees. The last hot days of summer!


  1. You made your dematology trip too, good for you! We are real cool here now...almost cold:(

  2. I hope we get to have a little fall! Not just summer to winter!