Monday, September 10, 2018

Fair - Day Four

The Kansas State Fair is a big deal in our town. We are about in the center of the state. Early on there was a fight over where to hold the fair. Some wanted it in the capitol, Topeka. I don't think location was the deciding factor but I'm glad they placed it here.

On the other hand - We got out  early this morning.  About 8:30 we left to run some errand that HAD to be done.  Bird seed and dog food; a prescription that had mysteriously run out, and a dentist bill that we were waiting to see how much our insurance would pay on. ($1.45 on a much larger bill!)

We were fine until we got to the pet store area. It is not far from our house, on the east side of town. The highway comes through there and the direct route to the fair grounds goes just a few blocks from home. So we saw lots of out of county cars, trucks, trailers etc. all headed west.

One reason there were so many cars on a Monday - the gate is only $1.00 unless you have a Dillon's grocery discount card. Then admission is free.

We made it home and may not leave for another six days.

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