Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Unpleasant Encounter

Who knew it was so discouraging to order a sandwich.  I had the feeling that the clerk was being trained. There were long pauses between sentences. The speaker at the drive-through was not very loud. We couldn't hear the voice. "Please turn off your vehicle."  We still couldn't hear and Lee has excellent hearing.

I said I'd drive around. The window opened and an unhappy face appeared stating the amount of the purchase. I smiled and said I was sorry we couldn't hear. No response. Then I mentioned that she hadn't asked our choice of veggies. "No, you drove away."

Not a very pleasant way to help a customer. We got our sandwich. I saw her name was Mary Ann and smiled and told her I was Mary Lou. Not a glimmer of kindness or acknowledgement. So I said, "Your day will get better and again I'm sorry." Nothing.

So when we got home, I wrote on a blank note card, addressed to "Mary Ann" in care of the restaurant to "Keep Smiling. Sorry we had trouble hearing you."  No return address so she can't come and egg our house.

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