Monday, May 1, 2017

Computer is Down

This was an eye opener yesterday. We went to place that has great hamburgers and the best fries (in our opinion) in town.  The voice from the speaker said their register was not working so we'd have to pay in cash. O.K.
I ordered two cheeseburgers and a medium order of fries. She asked me if I wanted cheese. Well, yes.
I repeated the order - that was two cheeseburgers and an order of medium fries.  The answer was is mustard and pickle all right?  Yes. No drink.
We drove around, paid cash $8.70.  Naturally we didn't look in the sack. At home there were no fries.
I called the restaurant and told her we had just placed an order there and I would like to know the price of two cheeseburgers. A lot of hems and haws. Finally she asked why. I told her we didn't get any fries. We could come back or they would send me a coupon. No. I just wanted to know if we had paid for fries or not. She asked if there was a receipt. Yes. Then I made the mistake of telling her the amount on the receipt.  $8.70.  Yes, that was right for cheeseburgers so we weren't charged.

Check the addition and what I assume is supposed to be the tax....$1.09? Our tax is about 9%.
If it were 10%, it would only be 80 cents!  I give up.

Poor clerks are so used to the computer/cash register doing the figuring. It was probably very frustrating doing the job and then some old lady calls in about it!

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