Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Surprise Visit

Older son and his younger daughter surprised us driving all the way from Tejas!

We no sooner had them arrive than we had them at work. Two fence posts - up.  Two downspouts - up.  Plastic on porch - down. One shelf in the bathroom medicine cabinet had collapsed and we couldn't get it perched back up. Someone, sometime, had put the shelf holders in upside down. One finally broke and dumped the shelf to the rear so nothing fell out when someone happened to be sitting on the throne.

All the holders were wrong. We did some serious spring cleaning, tossing anything that was outdated or looked weird. We had a whole plastic grocery sack full.  On to the "en suite" where the same condition existed. More stuff thrown out or recycled. Shelf holders switched. What a job for visitors!
I helped by throwing out and replacing what we saved.

Fluorescent lights over the sink and in the laundry room were replaced. And at the opportune moment with helpers here, one of the lights in the garage died.

It may be a while before they return!

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  1. Happy Mother's Day!! What a great bunch of working visitors you had! :)