Monday, May 29, 2017

Two Days In

This is the third day that I have been in charge of feeding the dogs.

I don't know how I lost this job in the first place but no more roasts or steamed hamburger added to perfectly balanced food produced for dogs.

My theory is, put down the food at regular times of the day.
If they don't eat, pick it up until the next time for feeding.

Someone else does not approve of this theory. The finicky one, Jill, does not eat when I place the food.  This someone removes the food to another room, holds the bowl and then Jill will eat.

I expect the next step will be using a spoon to feed her.


Thank God for Jack. He eats once a day with no ceremony but some days he skips and eats the next day. Vet says this is completely normal....about the only thing normal at dog dinner time here.

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  1. I understand, as sometimes Chance need his ball thrown many times before he will eat :(