Saturday, May 27, 2017

Passing Days

Our days seem to pass by with not much different happening.

Today, about noon, we had a dog that was not feeling well. She was trying to cough. Of course, someone wanted to call the vet immediately. (They close at 1:00 on Saturdays.)  I coaxed Jill outside where she tried to eat a lot of grass. It didn't look like she was getting much but after about half an hour of grazing, there were some results - twice.

After this she was calm and no more attempts to "cough." She wanted inside to get water. I brought it outside and she finally just lay down on the porch and has seemed fine since then.

I have talked someone into letting me feed the dogs and I have requested no more potato chips or French fries as treats for them.

Sometimes it takes a lot of talking and a harsh tone.


  1. Try some Pumpkin plain or baked as a treat pumpkin seems to settle their tummy. :)