Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A break from snow photos

Another day inside. High temperature today was 17. We're waiting for a thaw.

Potato soup was good but looked strange made in the crock pot. I think I know what happened and I will not vary from the recipe in the future.
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  1. Potato soup sounds wonderful. It's 1 degree here today and the water in my frig is frozen.

  2. Please don't keep us in suspense, how did you vary from the recipe?!?!

  3. ok! It called for canned milk which I used. Then I added some regular milk with the water called for and it CURDLED!

  4. I make potato soup in my crockpot and it used to curdle. It was still good but didn't look appetizing. Now I cook the soup almost till it's finished and in the last hour I add the canned milk. I've had no problem with curdling. I use a recipe that has chicken broth added. I also cook it on low. Good luck, Balisha