Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Replacement Printer

For once a warranty paid off - our year and a half year old printer stopped working. Sent it in with information and received a card to buy a new one (at the same store.) We brought it home yesterday. I was not up to trying to install it last night. My installation experiences have been quite discouraging over the years. The lovely green lines that show progress will advance to 99% and then stall. So I decided to wait till morning to tackle this latest installation.
All went well until I put the ink cartridges into their slots. "Not compatible ink." Yes it was!
Tried it again with different set. Same thing. Turned off printer. Now compatible....
So far so good. Not too crazy with TouchSmart but I guess I'll get used to it.
Technology! I guess it's better than those blue/purple ink copy machines that we kids turned the handle on to help the teacher's produce hand-outs in grade school. (Don't try to diagram that sentence.)

That purple ink sure smelled funny.
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