Thursday, January 27, 2011

Treat Thursday

We have no snow but the days have had very cold temps. We haven't been out for a couple of days. I never thought I would get cabin fever but I believe I did.
So today, with the forecast for 59, we drove to Buhler and back - a nice ride. Coming back we stopped at The Raz to try their fantastic chocolate dessert as described in an article in the paper. There was a little confusion deciding if I meant the flourless chocolate cake (see the remnants above) or the other chocolate dessert with caramel syrup drizzled over it.
I was going to take a picture when the plate arrived but, short term memory loss was in charge and I FORGOT. This is not cake, folks. This is a row of chocolate fudge on top of a row of solid something that reminds me of hard lard only tastier. L. got two bites and I had to leave a bit on my plate. The pink was raspberry syrup and it all was Too Rich, even for me.
Also a little pricey but if I limit my treats to Thursday, we'll be ok.Posted by Picasa

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  1. That looks almost as delicious as the funfetti cookies I just made :) I'm very jealous!