Monday, January 10, 2011


We finally received our first measurable snow of the winter. The little lights have their cold caps on and you can see the depressions where the paperboy walked to throw the paper on the porch.

Both our sons threw papers in the '70's. As I recall, during bad weather they were able to sit on the tailgate of the station wagon and throw from there. Some years later the newspaper company required "on porch" delivery. That would have stopped a few of the "lost" and "on roof " deliveries that had to be replaced. The worst part was collecting. Too many unanswered knocks and some outright rude refusals to pay made collection day a time to dread. Now a bill sent by mail with a check returned by mail has taken care of that chore.

Downside? We never see our paper person and another personal contact has been lost.
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