Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eating Out

We have this little game we play at our house. Someone suggests "eating out." Sounds like a good idea to me - no cooking! Get in the car.
Next comes, "Where do you want to go?" Usual answer: "I don't care." (Both of us don't care.) So the husband says, "We'll go anywhere you want to." Next step is the hardest. I try to pick someplace I like and that I think he'll go.
So far, this has not worked. Whatever I choose, he says, "Anyplace but there." This goes on for a time until finally we find someplace he approves or we go back home and eat leftovers.
Today, while running errands, we heard an ad on the radio for chicken and noodles on mashed potatoes with green beans and a roll at Fraese Drug! My favorite. He agreed right away, knowing he could get a patty melt.
Wow! That was easy.


  1. My husband always comes back with "Why can't you make a decision!"

  2. Hahaha that sounds like Grandpa :) I hope your dinner went well!