Monday, October 21, 2019


Last week our county sent us two enormous envelopes with ballots for a small election. We appreciate this service! We filled them out today and I decided to mail them back instead of driving to the clerk's office. After one gets there, it's about a half block to the proper desk for the return presentation. So I put $1.50 worth of stamps on each one and put them out for the mail man.

With our gas guzzler, it would have probably taken more than $3.00 worth of gas to drive 24 blocks.


  1. We voted and mailed in our ballots on the way to church yesterday. Here in Spokane all ballots are by mail only. There is no place to vote in person anymore. It's free to mail them and you can also drop them in boxes at all of the libraries.

    1. I think that all mail ballots is a good idea. I would think it would be cheaper too.