Wednesday, October 30, 2019

More Cat Tales

We have advanced from just feeding the cats (which I am sure belong to someone in the neighborhood) to leaving the garage door open about a foot so they can come inside. An old store bought quilt was brought in off the back porch for a soft bed after he found a kitten curled up on a cold lawn mower.

He mentioned a heater he had bought. I don't even remember it but it's electric. As I type, it is plugged into the garage outlet to warm up a garage that has the door open a foot. Present temperature: thirty-one degrees and light snow.

And to think it's sixty-three in Jersey.


  1. He does have a soft spot doesn't he? I think it's sweet that he cares about the animals so much. It can get expensive though can't it?

  2. He should make a cat box...I know there is a tutorial online.

    here is a link...easier , cheaper and safer than an electric heater!