Monday, October 7, 2019

Light Bulb Change

Gee, it's bad when you can't reach your light bulbs and the ladder is a no-no for people of a certain age. So, we splurged and bought a new tool It worked after figuring out that you have to twist the handle several times to get the right configuration for removing old bulb and then twist again to put in the new one.
I confess there are a couple of things that are not described in the "instructions." I get the one for recessed fixtures, different size bulbs and extending the pole. But those two small items, center left have me stumped.

Maybe if the bulb is broken and you can stab the remains?


  1. We have very high, (cathedral) ceilings and could definitely use one of those pieces of equipment. I have no idea what the extra pieces are for though.

    1. We found it at Lowe's. It even has a gizmo for recessed bulbs!

  2. Blessings.