Saturday, October 26, 2019


Our task today was to buy oil. At first Lee said a five gallon jug plus one smaller size. That sounded like an awfully big jug to me. He meant five quart plus a one quart.

Off I go to the store with the big W on the front. I found the oil but it was not in the bronze colored four quart container but the label was correct: High mileage, 10 W 40. However, there was no one quart size with the same words in the yellow plastic "can." The quarts all had the word Platinum in the description.

There are very few clerks to be seen but I saw a young man with a Harley denim jacket on. He looked like he might be a mechanic. So I said excuse me and asked him if a person could mix those two - platinum and plain. He didn't know but he probably would. After a short discussion, I thanked him and turned around and saw a clerk!

I asked him and he said they were probably out. Yes, the space was empty. He actually checked on his hand-held computer. Then he went to the back room and came back. They are out but will have some in on the 30th. He was very helpful and I was surprised to get the personal service there.

I bought the "five gallon" jug and we'll get the quart later.  This may be our last warm day for a while so we'll just wait a week when it probably will warm up again.


  1. Yeah for personal service, around here we can never find anyone to ask...they are all hiding:)

  2. I'm glad you found someone to help you and hurrah for the young man willing to help but not sure on his advice. At least he tried. :-) . We just take our cars in for oil changes anymore. It's to hard to find a place to dispose of the old oil in our area and it doesn't cost that much more and they check the battery, fluids and rotate the tires if we want, all as part of the oil service.

    1. We take the car in to have the oil changed to but for some reason we take our own oil (?)